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The Lives of the Spiritual Mothers

The Lives of the Spiritual Mothers
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This hardbound text is well-illustrated with 77 icons, sketches, and 8 maps. Translated from the Greek of The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church. The 656 page book has a gold-stamped burgundy hardcover, with acid-free pages.


  • Saint Syncletike of Alexandria
  • Saint Domnica of Carthage
  • Saint Vasilissa of Egypt
  • Saint Xene of Rome
  • Saint Mary of Alexandria
  • Saint Philothei of Athens
  • Saints Marana and Kyra of Beroea
  • Saint Evdokia of Heliopolis
  • Saint Domnine the New of Kyros
  • Saint Anastasia of Constantinople
  • Saint Theodora of Thessalonica
  • Saint Anthousa of Constantinople
  • Saint Athanasia of Aigina
  • Saint Elisabeth of Constantinople
  • Saint Theodosia of Constantinople
  • Saint Sophia of Ainos
  • Saints Thecla, Mariamne, Martha, Mary, and Ennatha of Persia
  • Saint Pansemne of Antioch
  • Saint Fevronia of Nisibis
  • Saint Sarra of the Nile
  • Saint Macrina-Thecla of Neo-Caesarea
  • Saint Anna of Levkadio
  • Saint Olympia of Constantinople
  • Saint Evpraxia of Tabenna
  • Saint Paraskeve of Rome
  • Saint Anthousa of Mandineo
  • Saint Irene of Chrysovalandou
  • Saint Xene-Irene of Hungary and Constantinople
  • Saint Anthousa of Seleucia
  • Saint Theodora of Aigina and Thessalonica
  • Saint Cassiane of Constantinople
  • Saint Theodora of Alexandria
  • Saint Thecla of Iconium
  • Saint Evphrosyne of Alexandria
  • Saints Rhipsimia, Gaiane, and 32 Virgin-Martyrs of Rome and Armenia
  • Saint Justina of Antioch
  • Saint Pelagia of Antioch and Jerusalem
  • Saint Athanasia of Antioch and Egypt
  • Saint Poplia of Antioch
  • Saint Matrona of Chios
  • Saint Anastasia of Rome
  • Saint Mary of Edessa
  • Saint Anna of Constantinople
  • Saint Episteme of Emesa and Sinai
  • Saint Matrona of Constantinople
  • Saint Theoctiste of Lesvos and Paros
  • Saints Eustolia of Rome and Sopatra of Constantinople
  • Saint Eugenia of Alexandria and Rome
  • Saint Theodora of Caesarea
  • A Final Word
  • Select Sayings of the Holy Mothers
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