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Vol. 5:
The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land & Sinai Desert

Vol. 5: The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land & Sinai Desert
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This hardbound text is well-illustrated with 55 icons, 2 maps and a glossary. Translated from the Greek o fhe Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church. The 585 page book has a gold-stamped burgundy hardcover, with acid-free pages.

Includes the Lives:

  • George the Chozevite
  • Theodosius the Coenobiarch
  • Peter Absalom
  • Fathers Slain at Sinai and Raithu
  • Euthymius the Great and Theoctistus, his Fellow-Ascetic
  • Anastasius the Persian
  • Symeon the Ancient
  • Adrianus and Eubulus, Martyrs at Caesarea
  • Barsanuphius the Great Elder and John the Prophet
  • Mastridia of Jerusalem
  • Ennatha the Virgin-Martyr
  • Elias, Jeremias, Isaias, Samuel and Daniel
  • Pamphilus the Presbyter, Valens the Deacon and Paul of Jamnia
  • Porphyrius, Seleucus, Theodulos and Julian
  • Conon of Penthoucla
  • Zacharias, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Porphyrius, Bishop of Gaza
  • Gerasimus of the Jordan
  • Eulogius and Eulampius the Martyrs
  • Conon the Gardener
  • Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • George of Sinai
  • Martyrs Agapius, Paesis, Timolaus, Romulus, Alexander, Alexander, Dionysius and Dionysius
  • Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem
  • John, Sergius, Patrick and the Slain Fathers of the St. Savvas Monastery
  • Eight Martyrs of Caesarea
  • Hesychius, Presbyter of Jerusalem
  • John, Abbot of Sinai
  • Mary of Egypt
  • Martyrs Amphianus and Aedesius
  • Zosimas the Presbyter
  • Gregory of Sinai
  • Two Martyrs at Ascalon
  • Paphnutius, Hieromartyr of Jerusalem
  • John of the Old Lavra
  • Anastasius I and Anastasius II, Patriarchs of Jerusalem
  • Anastasius, Abbot of Sinai
  • Anastasius the Hermit
  • Martyrs Aphrodisius, Leontius, Anthony, Melous, Valerian, Macrobius and others
  • Leontius, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Theodosia the Virgin-Martyr
  • Five Martyrs of Ascalon
  • Zosimas of Sinai
  • Dorotheus, Hieromartyr of Gaza
  • Martyrs Mary, Martha, Kyria, Vareria and Marcia
  • James the Ascetic
  • Simon of Sinai
  • Seventy Martyrs of Scythopolis
  • Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Andrew, Archbishop of Crete
  • Mary (Golinduc) of Persia
  • Martyrs Paul, Thea and Valentina
  • Theodore, Archbishop of Edessa, Monk-Martyr Michael of Mar Savvas and King John the Persian
  • Narcissus, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • Asterius the Senator
  • Dorotheus of Gaza
  • Dositheus, Monk of Thawatha
  • Thirty-Three Martyrs of Palestine
  • Timothy, Agapius and Thekla
  • Seven Virgin-Martyrs of Gaza
  • Hermione the Virgin-Martyr, together with Theodulos and Theotimus
  • Fifty Martyrs of Palestine
  • Jonas the Savvaite
  • Eusebius, Nestabus and Zeno of Gaza
  • Coprius of St. Theodosius Monastery
  • Chariton of Old Lavra
  • Cyriacus the Anchorite
  • Mary the Ascetic
  • Theophanes the Merciful
  • John the Chozevite
  • Cosmas the Poet, Bishop of Maiouma
  • Paraskeve the New
  • Silvanus, Hieromartyr of Gaza
  • Hilarion the Great
  • Cyriacus, Patriarch of Jerusalem and his Mother, Anna the Martyr
  • Stephen of St. Savvas Monastery
  • Martyrs Domninus, Timothy, Theotimus, Theophilus, Carterius, Eupsychius, Silvanus and the Three Virgins
  • Neilos and Theodulos of Sinai
  • Martyrs Antoninus, Nicephorus, Herman and Manetha
  • Romanos the Deacon
  • John of Kolonia
  • John of Damascus
  • Savvas the Sanctified
  • Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem
  • Susanna the Hierodeaconess
  • Pardus the Solitary
  • Modestus II, Archbishop of Jerusalem
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