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The ABC's of Orthodoxy (CD)
by Gigi (Baba) Shadid

The ABC's of Orthodoxy (CD) by Gigi (Baba) Shadid
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This music is catchy, fun and educational. Kids of all ages enjoy the music and lyrics to this original CD and may even wake up at night singing the songs! There are all kinds of genre mixed into this collection including a little folk, bluegrass, rap, patriotic and lullaby. If you are an Orthodox Christian, this CD is a must. It takes you back to the basics of the Faith. Catholics and all Christians in general will benefit from this genuine music that is both educational and fun.

My mission in producing Orthodox children music is to teach children and to help them grow in their faith in Christ and their love for His Holy Church”

— Gigi Shadid.

Track Listing

Title Length Sample
1. Eternal Joy 2:11
2. Miracles of Jesus 1:49
3. Orthodox ABC's 2:18
4. Numbers 2:19
5. Days of the Week 1:24
6. Fasting and Feasting 1:44
7. Colors 1:37
8. The Cross 1:37
9. The Creed 2:07
10. P.R.A.Y. 1:45
11. Think About It 1:08
12. Be Thankful 1:23
13. Made in God's Image 2:37
14. Everyone's a Person 1:57
15. Lucia 2:54


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