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Golden Mouth: The Story of John Chrysostom: Ascetic, Preacher, Bishop
by J. N. D. Kelly

Golden Mouth: The Story of John Chrysostom: Ascetic, Preacher, Bishop by J. N. D. Kelly
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A study of the life and writings of St. John Chrysostom by the author of Early Christian Doctrines and Early Christian Creeds.

"Eminently readable and engaging, this account. . . of the life and times of the Golden-Mouthed preacher is peppered throughout with especially fine, spiritual quotations and a host of delightful stories, all of them inciting the reader to read St. John Chrysostom for himself. . . . Golden Mouth is extremely well written and, I think, for an academic work of this type, generally sympathetic towards its subject. . . . Kelly sketches a fascinating, historical image. . . ." — The Harvest, a publication of the Monastery of the Glorious Ascension. December, 1999.

About the Author
J. N. D. Kelly was Principal of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, and University Lecturer in Patristic Studies, and is now retired. He is the author of several books.

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  • Publisher: Cornell University Press (November 5, 1998)
  • ISBN-10: 0801485738
  • ISBN-13: 9780801485732
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 310 pages
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