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Guide to Orthodox Life, A

Guide to Orthodox Life, A
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"Written in a simple and straightforward manner, this book provides us with more than basic insight into a wide range of traditions and customs of the Orthodox Church from the perspective of a traditionalist Priest and his wife, both converts and members of the American wing of the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili, a renowned zealot of the Greek Old Calendarist movement. Though not an Old Calendarist, I see in this book excellent evidence of the truth which they speak. Many of us Orthodox in the West are losing our traditions and know much less than we should about our Church. The Old Calendarist, like the Russian Old Ritualists, have much to teach us and to remind us about…A book like this can help all of us to know our Faith better. I highly recommend it." - Dr. M. Orlov, The Orthodox Bulletin Softbound. 125 pp.

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