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The Roman West and the Byzantine East
by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna and Bishop Auxentios of Photiki

The Roman West and the Byzantine East by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna and Bishop Auxentios of Photiki
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"One of the most difficult tasks in this age of relativism a relativism that allows, for the most part, no deviations from its intolerant spirit of tolerance is to speak of things that are different and things that are "true" or unique. The modern spirit is largely one of believing that no one is "right", that everything has a "little truth," and that truth itself is a relative thing! This spirit tells us how much we have lost in terms of a true understanding of the intellectual spirit. Knowledge is the search for truth: for the unique, singular answer. The ancients sought truth, not as something relative, but as a thing unto itself. Traditional philosophy has been a quest for some universal criterion at least in its more memorable expressions. And Christianity is based on a single pillar which we call the Truth of truths, the ultimate singular criterion of life: Christ. This book takes us back to the quest for truth and tells us why we Orthodox believe that our Church is true to the Church established by the Apostles, why She has historical and spiritual primacy. It does so by pointing out differences and by the bold proclamation of Orthodoxy's uniqueness. That this is done with scholarly objectivity, a spirit of love for that which differs from Orthodoxy, and with a sense of loyalty to Orthodoxy this is something that commends this book to Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. It is a book which makes a difficult statement in difficult times in a superb way, with the authority of two outstanding and respected Orthodox scholars." Fr James Thornton

Softbound. 52 pp.

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