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Future Life According to Orthodox Teaching, The

Future Life According to Orthodox Teaching, The
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To the Orthodox Christian, the afterlife is an essential part of this life. In our Liturgical life, we attain true communion with our fellow Christians only when that which is Heavenly is joined with the earthly and the living join chorus with those gone forth before us. "Dr. Cavarnos exhibits in his writing the tell-tale sign of a good Patristic scholar. Trained in philosophy, he organizes, explains and juxtaposes his primary citations in such a way as to present the Patristic witness with great clarity. He derives from the Fathers that catholicity in thought which makes them speak as from one mouth and as with one voice. To the proud dilettantes, who can but expound on what they do not adequately know, Cavarnos is a formidable challenger. His writing does not contain the pride which is necessary to their kind of theology; nor, to be sure, do their writings admit of the humility of a scholar who uses his talents to present and offer the words of the Fathers, rather than juggle them in a game of philosophical and theological prestidigitation. If we have been heavy-handed and a bit harsh in dealing with modern theological thought, it is for the purpose of focusing the readers attention on this unique scholarship found in this book. We are obliged to be blunt and strong, not in the interest of polemics, but as a device for commanding the attention of a Christian world which is being lulled into a harmful spiritual stupor." - From the Foreword, Archimandrite (now Archbishop) Chrysostomos Softbound. 80 pp.

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