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Letters from Heaven: An Illuminated Alphabet
by Susan von Medicus
with poems by Ginny Silva

Letters from Heaven: An Illuminated Alphabet by Susan von Medicuswith poems by Ginny Silva
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Magnificently illustrated with twenty-six original paintings by Susan Kelly vonMedicus, and accompanied by lively poems by Ginny Eliason Silva, this beautiful full-color book will enrich the world of children of all ages. The illuminated letters of the alphabet are Irish Uncial Majuscule, an ancient script which was developed in the sixth–ninth centuries. The beautiful illustrations are done in the medieval manner using gold leaf on red clay and egg tempera color work. The imagery combines traditional saints, narrative, and symbols of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman, and Anglican Catholic faiths. A literal A to Z cornucopia of spiritual inspiration and beauty your children will cherish for years to come. As a gifted iconographer, she has woven together a gorgeously illustrated alphabet of spiritual subjects ranging from angels and saints to symbols of Eastern Orthodox, Roman and Anglican faiths. Calling to mind another eye-stopping, illuminated manuscript, The Book of Kells. But for all the historical integrity and artistic excellence of this book, there’s a strong element of story to draw the eyes of a child to each page.

Lively verses by Ginny Eliason Silva highlight the essentials of each picture. From Archangel Raphael’s wings of light, to St. Brendan’s little leather boat, to the rose without thorns that is the Virgin of tenderness, there are a lot of word pictures to hold onto.

The artist has also provided a “symbol quest” at the end of the book, linking the charming illustrations that appear opposite each icon with the spiritual qualities they represent.

But the real delight is the depth of Susan Kelly vonMedicus’ lively imagination and the vitality and faith with which she presents each of the 26 subjects from the Old and New Testaments. Icons are meant not so much to illustrate a subject as to focus the interior eye of the viewer. Conciliar Press, classifies the book as being for children from 4 to 11, an adult is probably required to open up the icons to a child's imagination. It’s a book to be savored and given the rarest of all commodities, inter-generational quality time.

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  • Publisher: Conciliar Press (September 1, 2000)
  • ISBN-10: 1888212187
  • ISBN-13: 9781888212181
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 52 pages
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