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Liturgical Incense Fragrance Collections

Try some of our various incense collections: Floral Incense Sampler, Sweet Spices Incense Sampler, Cathedral Incense Sampler, Gifts of the Magi Incense Sampler, Herbs & Spices Incense Sampler, Panagia Incense Sampler, Pilgrim Incense Sampler, Rose Incense Sampler and Wildflower Incense Sampler


Frankincense & Myrrh Orthodox Incense Fragrances

Frankincense and Myrrh has a long history as a biblical ingredient for incense. Sweet and earthy fragrances to remember the wise men from the east. We offer both Ethopian and Somalian Frankincense as well as a unique blend of Myrrh.


Sweet Spices Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

Enjoy the sweet spice Orthodox incense fragrances of Constantinople, Amber, Cassia, Lindisfarne, Svir, Catacombs, Myrrh, Chypre, Hyssop, Nazareth, and English Rose.


Floral Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

Enjoy our special floral incense fragrances of Damask Rose, Jasmine, Porphyry, Orange Blossom, Flowers of Cyprus, Lily of Aegina, Imperial Violet, Rose, Iveron, Kursk, Blachernae Rose, and Honeysuckle.


Cathedral Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

The Deep, rich and full fragrances of Constantinople, Catacombs and Svir to accompany the prayers of the faithful.


Pilgrim Liturgical Church Incense

Journey to Holy Russia, the isles of Greece or ancient Celtic monasteries with this rich and varied incense collection of Sarov, Lily of Aegina, and Lindisfarne incense fragrances.


Gifts of the Magi Orthodox Church Incense Fragrances

Enjoy the sweet and earthy fragrances of Somalian Frankincense, Myrrh, and Amber to remember the wise men from the east.


Herbs & Spices Liturgical Church Incense

Green, spicy, and herbal fragrances comprise this intriguing assortment of the unique incense aromas of Evergreen & Embers, Cassia, and Hyssop.


Panagia Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

The Bright, fresh, exquisite fragrances of Iveron, Kursk, and Blachernae Rose to honor the Theotokos.


Rose Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

Try a sample of three of our most popular rose fragrances; Rose, English Rose, and Damask Rose. Each scent is unique and striking.


Wildflower Liturgical Church Incense Fragrances

A sampling of our most delightful floral fragrances — Jasmine, Flowers of Cyprus, and Orange Blossom.



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