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Wisdom From Mt. Athos: The Writings of Staretz Silouan (1866-1938)
by Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov

Wisdom From Mt. Athos: The Writings of Staretz Silouan (1866-1938) by Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov
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Staretz, or "elder", is a title given to Orthodox monks of particular spiritual development. Staretz Silouan was a Russian peasant whose only formal education consisted of two winters at the village school. But on Mt Athos, rooted in a tradition reaching back to the very beginnings of Christian monasticism, he was taught of God and attained wisdom akin to that of the Desert Fathers.

Wisdom from Mount Athos is a collection of the notes which Staretz Silouan penciled on odd scraps of paper. Included is his prose-poem Adam's Lament, which echoes the haunting lyrical urgency of the Psalms. On the whole, Silouan's writing recalls the splendor of the great liturgical texts of the Orthodox Church.

A companion volume, The Monk of Mount Athos, gives an account of Silouan's life and is available as well.

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  • Publisher: St Vladimir's Seminary Press
  • ISBN-13: 9780913836170
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 127 pages
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