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Good and Faithful Servant (CD)
performed by the Choir of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Good and Faithful Servant (CD) performed by the Choir of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
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The Choir of St. Nicholas Church released their premiere CD, Good and Faithful Servant, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of their parish. The hymns represented here reflect the rich and varied practice of liturgical singing at the parish, drawing upon a number of different chant traditions. These beloved hymns from throughout the church year, including Lent, Pascha, Christmas, and the feast of St. Nicholas, stem from a variety of traditions, but principally that of South Western Rus'. They form the foundation of our choir's repertoire, yet many are unlikely to be heard elsewhere! The choir has also selected three tracks of beautiful church bells ringing. The majority of the singing is in English language; the others are identified within the track listing below. The CD was professionally recorded and produced, and contains over 70 minutes of music.

Track Listing

Title Length Sample
1. Blagovest and Optina Trezvon
Announcing the start of services; setting by Andrei Dyachkov
2. Good and Faithful Servant
St. Nicholas Litia verse, Galician model melody
1:16 MP3
3. In Myra, O Saint
St. Nicholas Kontakion; “Bulgarian”, to the melody Today the Virgin
1:01 MP3
4. Guardian of Widows
St. Nicholas Exapostilarion, to the melody Hearken, O women
1:24 MP3
5. Proceed, O Angelic Powers
Praise verses from the Nativity and Theophany Prefeast and Postfeast Matins; Galician model melody and Prosomia
4:47 MP3
6. Praise the Name of the Lord
Festal Polieley (anonymous)
7. Christ is Born, Odes 1-8
Nativity Canon, Odes 1-8 (anonymous)
3:40 MP3
8. Nativity Canon: 9th Ode
9. Our Savior, the Dayspring Automelon (I)
Nativity Exapostilarion, traditional
2:03 MP3
10. Heaven and Earth are United Today
Nativity Litia verse; Carpathian “Bulgarian”, arr. Archbishop Job (Osacky)
1:32 MP3
11. O Gladsome Light
Slavonic (anonymous)
12. Georgievsky Trezvon
Our Lenten ring
13. Turn Not Thy Face
Great Prokimenon; Carpathian, arr. Archbishop Job
14. All of Creation
Galician, from Cantus Ecclesiasticus secundum traditionem Basilianem. Rome
6:00 MP3
15. Let My Prayer Arise
from the Presanctified Liturgy; Carpathian, arr. Archbishop Job
16. Out of the Mouths
Lazarus Saturday Koinonikon, composed by Monk Martin (Gardner)
17. Hymn of Cassia
Doxasticon for Great and Holy Wednesday, adapted from a Bulgarian folk melody
18. Thy Bridal Chamber
Bridegroom Exapostilarion; Carpathian, arr. Archbishop Job
19. Of Thy Mystical Supper
Offertory Hymn and Koinonikon for Great and Holy Thursday, Carpathian Tone 6 Canon melody
20. The Wise Thief
Great and Holy Friday Exapostilarion, adapted from Carpathian chant
21. The Cross
Elevation of the Cross Exapostilarion, composed by Maia Aprahamian
22. The Light of Thy Countenance
Elevation of the Cross Koinonikon, composed by Maia Aprahamian
2:05 MP3
23. Arise, O God
Sung in place of Alleluia at Holy Saturday Liturgy; arr. Johann Von Gardener, English adaptation by Vladimir Morosan
24. Very Early in the Morning
7th Resurrectional Gospel Verse, Tone 7 Carpathian
25. Christ is Risen
in Georgian chant
1:30 MP3
26. Christ is Risen
Serbian Canon melody with Paschal trezvon
27. Our Savior, the Dayspring (II)
Exapostilarion, All Saints of North America
1:45 MP3
28. Rejoice, O Hills of Northern California
Verse for All Saints of North America; Tone 6, to the melody Having set all their hope
2:08 MP3
29. Festal Trezvon
Excerpt from our ring for the twelve major feasts, setting by Andrei Dyachkov
3:05 MP3
Total playing time 71:52  
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