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Chants from Valaam (CD)
by the Choir of the Brotherhood of Valaam Monastery

Chants from Valaam (CD) by the Choir of the Brotherhood of Valaam Monastery
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The brothers of the Valaam monastery choir in Russia sing and chant select hymns from Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha. Beautifully sung in Church Slavonic! This is the sort of recording where the spirituality and sincerity of the singers overcome language barriers. Znamenny Chant.

Playing Time: Length: 64 minutes, 48 seconds

Track Listing

Title   Sample
1. Behold the Bridegroom Comes at Midnight   MP3
2. Have Mercy on us, O Lord    
3. All of Creation Rejoices in Thee   MP3
4. Today the Virgin    
5. Open to Me the Doors   MP3
6. Let My Prayer Arise   MP3
7. Remain with Us, O Lord of Hosts    
8. O Thou Who Coverest Thyself with Light    
9. The Angel Cried    
10. Christ Is Risen    
11. Bless the Lord    
12. Blessed Is the Man    
13. Stikheron to Ss. Sergius & Herman    
14. Dogmatikon - Tone 5    
15. O Joyful Light    
16. Having Beheld the Resurrection of Christ    
17. Eighth Katavasia - Tone 4    
18. Magnificat    
19. Great Doxology    
20. Cherubic Hymn    
21. It is Truly Meet    
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