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Gates of Repentance:
Hymns from Great Lent & Holy Week (CD)
Byzantine Chant in English
by Fr. Apostolos Hill

Gates of Repentance: Hymns from Great Lent & Holy Week (CD) Byzantine Chant in English by Fr. Apostolos Hill
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This newer edition of Gates of Repentance, adds eight additional hymns that provide a complete chant journey through Great Lent, from the first Sunday of the Triodion through Great Friday. Hymn selections are taken from each major service of Great Lent to constitute a cohesive whole. The original recording has been completely re-mastered and re-engineered to provide an integrated musical sound.

Includes 20-page liner notes booklet discussing Great Lent and its hymnology as well as complete hymn text. If you want a single source containing a solid repertoire of the liturgical music for the Lenten Season - look no further.

Playing Time: 59 minutes, 47 seconds.

Track Listing

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1. Glory and Troparia after Psalm 50 - Tone 8 MP3
2. Now and Ever, "Guide Me in the paths of salvation..." - Tone 8  
3. Troparia after "Have mercy on me..." - Tone 6  
4. Doxastikon of the Aposticha for Pharisee and Publican Vespers MP3
5. Kontakion, Sunday of the Prodigal Son - Tone 3  
6. Doxastikon, Sunday of the Last Judgment - Tone 1 MP3
7. Exapostelarion, Sunday of Forgiveness - Tone 2  
8. Prokeimenon of Cheese Fare Sunday Vespers - Tone 8  
9. Troparia of Great Compline - Tone 6  
10. Troparion of the Sunday of Orthodoxy - Tone 2  
11. Troparion of St. Gregory Palamas - Tone 8 MP3
12. Troparion of the Sunday of the Cross - Tone 1  
13. Kontakion of the Akathist - To Thee the Champion Leader  
14. Glory of Psalm 140, Sunday of St. John Climacus Vespers - Tone 5  
15. Kontakion of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Tone 6 MP3
16. Troparion of the Akathist Hymn - Tone 3  
17. Glory of Psalm 140, St. Mary of Egypt Sunday Vespers - Tone 4  
18. Troparion of Saturday of St. Lazarus - Tone 1  
19. Exapostelaria, Saturday of St. Lazarus - Tone 1  
20. Alleluia Antiphons for the Bridegroom Service - Tone 8 MP3
21. Troparia of the Bridegroom Services - Tone 8  
22. Exapostelarion of the Bridegroom Service - Tone 3  
23. Antiphon 15 of Holy Thursday Passion Gospels - Tone 6  
24. Troparia of First Royal Hour - Tone 1  
25. Troparia of Third Royal Hour - Tone 6  
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