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Hymns of Paradise: Hymns of Life and Hope (CD)
Byzantine Chant in English
by Fr. Apostolos Hill

Hymns of Paradise: Hymns of Life and Hope (CD) Byzantine Chant in English by Fr. Apostolos Hill
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A collection of hymns from the funeral service in the Byzantine tradition. While it is “funeral music,” the chant presentation is joyous and beautiful, conveying the theological underpinnings of the Christian hope in the resurrection.

Fr. Apostolos Hill and his supporting singers give a truly prayerful and artistic performance, letting us experience these ancient chants with a refreshing immediacy. The singing captures the Greek vocal style and ornamentation of the vocal lines while preserving a pristine clarity of the texts.

The accompanying texts included with the CD are of outstanding quality. They very clearly outline a theology of death and paradise in a comprehensible manner. Particularly effective is the explanation of Paradise as the original blissful state created by God for humanity, and also as the goal and promise for those who live by faith.

Playing Time: 54 minutes, 22 seconds

Track Listing

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1. Troparia - Tone 4 MP3
2. Everlasting Be Their Memory MP3
3. Trisagion Hymn  
4. First Stasis of 17th Kathisma - Tone 6  
5. Second Stasis of 17th Kathisma -, Tone 5  
6. Third Stasis of 17th Kathisma -, Tone 8  
7. Evlogetaria for the Dead - Tone 5  
8. Troparia - Tone 8 MP3
9. Funeral Hymns / Hymn One - Tone 1 MP3
10. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Two - Tone 2  
11. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Three - Tone 3
12. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Four - Tone 4  
13. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Five - Tone 5
14. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Six - Tone 6  
15. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Seven - Tone 7  
16. Funeral Hymns / Hymn Eight - Tone 8  
17. Prokeimenon - Tone 3  
18. The Epistle
19. The Gospel
20. Stichera of the Last Kiss
21. Aionia I mnimi
22. Trisagios  
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